Fic: Remember (Be Here Now) (by [info]hitlikehammers)

Title: Remember (Be Here Now)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Character(s): Richard/Ben; Richard Alpert, Benjamin Linus, Alexandra Linus Rousseau, Charles Widmore.
Word Count: 7,810
Summary: Richard needs reminding, sometimes. For the lostfichallenge #92: Free For All and the 15pairings Prompt #10 - "Don't forget!" AU-ish. Spoilers through 5.12 - Dead Is Dead.  Prompt Table: Here
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. Baba Ram Dass (aka Dr. Richard Alpert) and his fascinating self and style are solely his own.
Author’s Notes: While revisiting the real life Dr. Richard Alpert for research, I was struck with the idea of trying a Richard-centric analysis of character relationships in the style of the actual-factual man himself, particularly in his masterpiece, Remember, Be Here Now – which is probably one of the trippiest and yet stunningly honest pieces of writing I’ve encountered. As such, I ended up with a weird, stream-of-consciousness, ramble-y feel that is really more of a vaguely connected series of vignettes than anything, and surprise, surprise, Ben is there too. Which was strange to write, the progression from father figure to friend and then to something more intimate, which led to a bit of OOC-ness, admittedly, but hey – in this fandom, anything goes. Besides; I’ve only ever come across this pairing once before, and it dealt more with the power-element of the two of them, so I wanted to try to portray something a bit different. Hopefully it’s not too frighteningly absurd.

Nominated at lost_fic_awards: Best Fic Featuring An Unusual Pairing, May 2009
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jay-jay johanson - suffering

Autumn is here inside my heart
When there's springtime in the air
Loneliness is tearing me apart
Being lost makes me scared

I keep on asking the gods above to send my love back to me
Oh please let these days and weeks
Pass by so quickly

Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else, oh no
Nobody suffers like I do
Nobody else but you

You had to leave, I know
And we knew it would be tough
You said you would be back soon
Soon is not soon enough

Through this waiting in vain
All this darkness and pain
I've been crying for you, now I'm dying
When this test is at the end
I hope you'll understand
That you're all that I've got
Oh darling
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Три тысячи чертей!!!и бутылка рома!, так говаривал пират ее Королевского Величества Елизаветы II Френсис Дрейк и был чертовски прав....чертей хватает штабелями до самого горизонта, а где же моя законная бутылка рома, которая мне сейчас просто необходима!в аду то жарко....потому что туда мне и дорога после сделки со своей совестью...и мне ее не выдержать, провалюсь, но бля красиво, чтобы все завидовали!

(с)пизжено у ТВГ
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