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guard of this Island

I watch you

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Richard Alpert
31 December 1982
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Richard (then called Ricardo) Alpert was a young married man in Tenerife, Canary Islands in 1867 when his wife, Isabella, became gravely ill. Richard rode to the local doctor's house, pleading for him to come treat Isabella. The doctor refused because of the driving rain storm and also would not give Richard medicine to treat Isabella because of a lack of funds. Richard begged for help and began to tussle with the arrogant doctor and accidentally killed him when he was thrown against a heavy table. Richard fled with the medicine but it was too late when he returned to his wife, who had passed away. Jailed and sentenced to hang, Richard was sold to sea captain Magnus Hanso by a priest because Richard could speak English and put aboard a ship sailing for the New World. The ship, Black Rock, ran aground and smashed a giant statue on The Island during a terrible storm, eventually coming to rest deep in the jungle. A ship's officer came below and began to kill the chained slaves, saying they lack enough water for everyone, but before he could kill Richard the Smoke Monster killed everyone else on board. Left alone, Richard tried to free himself but was unsuccessful. He had a vision of his wife, who told him they are both dead and in Hell. Later, the Man In Black freed Richard, exacting a promise that Richard would kill Jacob for him, who he said is the Devil. Jacob disarmed Richard first and explained that the Man In Black (who had confessed to Richard that he is the Smoke Monster) is Evil, and Jacob brings people to The Island to help him keep the Man In Black from escaping The Island. Richard asked to see his wife again, and then to be absolved for killing the doctor, but Jacob said he can't do either task. Richard then said he wanted to live forever, and Jacob said, "That I can do." Thus, Richard's appearance hasn't changed for almost 150 years.

Social capital

  • less than 10